Solbiati Portobello Linen Pants by Knot Standard


Portobello Linen Pants


Considered to be some of the finest linen fabric available in the industry, Solbiati's exquisite "Art Du Lin" collection celebrates exactly that—the crisp, unique appeal of 100% linen. It is exceedingly soft for a linen, heavier than most, and yet remains breathable and lightweight for the spring/summer months, with an unrivaled wrinkle resistance. We have heard some make an analogy between this Solbiati fabric, and a certain renowned Italian carmaker, and we think it's an apt comparison.

Lightweight and breathable, these Solbiati Portobello Linen Pants are a smart choice for staying cool in any warm weather setting. Wear them with a t-shirt, casual button-down, or pair a blazer over the top for a relaxed yet elegant look. The cooling linen fabric is a top choice for the warmest of summer days.

Features: Inner Waistband Snugtex, Adjustable Button Waistband, No Back Pockets
Occasion: Flexible Work, Casual Office, Summer Travel, Weekend
Fabric: 100% Linen
Collection: Solbiati Art Du Lin


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