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  • How are Knot Standard suits constructed?

    Each Knot Standard garment are digitally-cut and hand sewn from fine Italian and English suit fabrics. No pre-made patterns, sizes, or parts - every order is cut from a single piece of cloth. We start your suit by making a digital pattern of your body. Those measurements are converted into a suit pattern that is designed individually to fit on your specific body shape. From here, your fabric is precisely cut on our digital, laser cutting machines. Throughout this process, each customer pattern is saved digitally, ensuring that your next suit, shirt, or blazer will be cut exactly the same.

  • How long does it take to make a custom suit?

    Our turnaround time is 4-6 weeks.

  • What brand name fabrics do you use?

    We offer over 7000 fabrics from world-renowned mills such as Loro Piana, Ariston and Dormeuil. For the full list and description of all of our options, read here.

  • How should I wash my shirts, suits, etc?

    To ensure the longevity of your garments, we strongly suggest DRY CLEAN ONLY.

  • What type of garments does Knot Standard make?

    Knot Standard is a custom menswear brand. We make garments suits, tuxedos, shirts (long and short sleeve), trousers, blazers, shorts, and more.

  • Can your men's suits be made for the larger man?

    Knot Standard customers come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. All our products are customized and tailored according to your measurements; however, the maximum size we can accommodate is a customer with a 55 inch chest.

  • How do I get measured for a custom suit when buying from the Online Studio?

    Visit any of our Knot Standard showrooms to get measured by a stylist. Alternatively, if you are not located near one of our showrooms, watch our measurement tutorial videos online.

  • Can I use measurements taken by my own tailor?

    Our measuring methods are specific to Knot Standard and may differ from those taken by a conventional tailor. We strongly suggest that if you do visit a local tailor, you provide the tailor with our measurement guides for greater accuracy.

  • Can I base my measurements on a favorite suit that I own?

    No - for many people the most accurate way to take measurements is using our measurement tutorial videos.

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