• Perfection is the only standard.

    A self-made man deserves a custom-made suit. And only Knot Standard delivers one that’s exactly right. Online. In store. And anywhere he chooses to go.


Fabrics demanded by summer, finishes selected by you.

Our summer / fall custom collection including essentials such as light travel wools, linen and silk blends, and cotton chinos. Don't miss our latest Hudson and Madison suits, constructed from light VBC and Loro Piana wools, Weekender bags, and new hand-sewn tie collections.


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Private Collection

Available only in our global mens stores, our Private Collection represents the pinnacle of personal style and attention to detail.

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How we achieve the impossible.

You need not pause life to shop for a custom suit. Our online studio builds a three dimensional wireframe of your body and designs a suit patterned just for you. We trim our fabric and assemble it to your specifications and our standards. And once you complete the process, we will save your pattern forever, so every new season’s styles are immediately within your reach.


Changing the game, from high-fashion to high tech

  • “The customization process extends far beyond fabric selection and includes the choice of buttons, stitching, lapels, and pockets — at no added cost.”

  • “...the most options of any site. Our Italian gray wool suit fit perfectly, thanks in part to a full-length horsehair canvas jacket lining, which molds to the body over time...”

  • “You no longer have to step in the store or even go to the tailor to look like a million bucks. Knot Standard’s high-tech website lets you measure yourself head to toe.”

  • Knot Standard is one of a few tailors that “have begun to innovate by incorporating stunningly original enhancements, like idiot-proof self-measuring guides.”

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