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We have curated our favorite pieces from our finest mills into remarkably priced packages to gift or to give to yourself.

Our Mini Packages are picked from of our most popular items while the Luxury Holiday Packages are hand picked pieces from our finest mills in Europe. The Casual, Formal, and Executive packages are timeless gifts. Give them the gift of custom this Holiday Season, because they deserve to be treated to luxury.

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Introducing the Virtual Studio

Design the perfect outfit in virtual reality, right down to the thread and buttons.

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How we achieve the impossible.

You need not pause life to shop for a custom suit. Our online studio builds a three dimensional wireframe of your body and designs a suit patterned just for you. We trim our fabric and assemble it to your specifications and our standards. And once you complete the process, we will save your pattern forever, so every new season’s styles are immediately within your reach.


Changing the game, from high-fashion to high tech

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Creative Director Lewis Malivanek takes us behind the scenes on designing a simple, durable, and elegant travel suit.

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Meet The Fastest Growing Menswear Brand on the Inc 500 List

Inc Magazine discusses the growing popularity with Knot Standard, the fastest growing menswear brand on the 2015 Inc 500 list, and 10th fastest growing retail company overall.